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It was 3rd time lucky for me, no fault of Roys teaching, simply due to my own mistakes and carelessness! Roy also taught my brother, his girlfriend and her cousins, they all passed 1st time, all drive sensibly with confidence and awareness. Roy is most definitely an experienced, careful and quality Instructor, he is very easy to get on with and talk to, and I loved being one of his pupils, my father feels comfortable with me driving around now knowing I had a great teacher.
I also completed the Pass Plus Course with Roy, as part of the Bucks County Council Safer Driver scheme not only did it help to increase my driving skills it also helped me obtain cheaper insurance which is an added bonus.

Gemma. High Wycombe

“I first met Roy on a YDE course he was helping to run at my school, and so I picked him then to be my instructor when I reached 17. Before I’d sat in the driving seat of a car I thought learning would be something I’d never get the hang of – but I was wrong! Roy made lessons really enjoyable and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test on the first attempt. His endless patience and friendly encouragement was just what I needed and I couldn’t have had a better instructor. Thanks Roy, I’ll be back for Pass Plus!”

Hannah. High Wycombe

I called Roy after being recommended by a friend, after a slightly nervous start Roys patience and experience gave me confidence and I passed my test first time with only one driving fault! Roys car is ideal for learning in, it is easy to drive and has lots of power to cope with the many steep hills in High Wycombe, it is also easy to manoeurvre. Due to Roys experience he was able to focus on the parts of my driving that I found difficult and less on the things that were not a problem - so we did a lot of reverse bay parking! Always cheerful and willing to put up with my endless talking, every lesson with Roy was enjoyable, making me look forward to my lessons and ultmately enabling me to learner quicker and pass my test sooner - thank you Roy. Now for the Pass Plus course.

Alexandra. Beaconsfield

I couldn't have hoped for a better driving instructor. Roy was consistently patient and relaxed yet professional. Absolutely brilliant driving lessons, perfect for nervous learner drivers, great teaching, nice, friendly and so helpful. I'm a student and therefore had only short breaks when I was back home to learn. Roy was extremely helpful and I managed to pass in the short spaces of time I had to learn in.

Asanka. High Wycombe

I started my driving lessons with Roy because he had previously helped my mother get her UK license. I had no experience and was expecting it to be a long and difficult process. However Roy was patient and a good teacher, and despite commitments with school and other activities I managed to get my license first time. To get more experience and confidence I did the Pass Plus course with Roy as well and now feel very safe behind the wheel. Thank You!

Isabella. Bisham

I absolutely loved having Roy as my instructor. He was extremely patient and understanding but pushed and encouraged me. I passed first time with only 4 minors thanks to Roy. I am extremely glad I went with him, as I had another instructor for my first few lessons. Roy was recommended to me by a friend and his style of teaching suited me better. I was probably the most annoying pupil due to my millions of other commitments, but Roy showed no frustation and was eager to find time for me. His relaxed and fun attitude to lessons made me extremely relaxed, helping me to enjoy driving. I wanted to have lessons in my own car and Roy was happy to oblige. He is a lovely man and I definately recommend him to anyone. Thank you Roy !

Becca. Marlow

Thanks to Roy I found learning to drive a really enjoyable and exciting experience. Although High Wcombe can be daunting Roy was consistently patient and encouraging, whether tackling a roundabout or attempting a manoeuvre. From his expertise I managed to pass my test first time. I now feel confident out and about on the roads. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Thank you!

Beth. Bourne End

Roy came highly recommended to me. I found him a flexible, friendly, professional instructor and a really nice bloke! The lessons fitted well around my studies and his patient and clear teaching style is what helped me pass 1st time with only a few minors. I would definitely recommend Roy to anyone and found the pass plus scheme really helpful. Roy doesn't just teach you to pass your test; he teaches you how to drive properly and confidently for life.

Oliver, Chesham Bois

I was taught by Jane first for a brief time, she was an excellent instructor and really restored my confidence (I'd previously had a really bad instructor who put me off learning to drive). Jane passed me on to Roy when she had to move away from the area for a short time. Roy was a really good instructor always remaining calm no matter how many mistakes I made!  He helped me to gain confidence and pass my test second try ( nerves ruined my first attempt!) He was always flexible and made it easy for me to book lessons around my schedule. I would highly recommend him and Jane to anyone looking for an instructor. 

Sara, Saunderton

I was recommended Roy by my sister (Becca) who also passed her test first time with him. I was nervous at first about driving but I found driving with Roy relaxing as his car felt safe and easy to drive, while Roy's advice and help was really useful. His lessons really helped me to feel safe and secure while driving and I was able to pass first time thanks to his great teaching! I would gladly recommend him to anyone who is new to driving or anyone who may need extra tuition. Thanks again Roy

Alex, Marlow

Roy’s calm and reassuring manner and experience helped to sort out my many mistakes, and thanks to him I passed first time.  Thanks Roy!

Simon, Little Kingshill

As Roy had taught my sister to drive and she passed first time, he came highly recommended. Lessons with Roy are excellent and prepare you brilliantly for the test. With Roy’s help I passed first time with only two driving faults, his patience and knowledge made sure of it. Thanks very much Roy, I will definitely be in touch for the Pass Plus.

Michael, Hurley

I was a very nervous driver, however after much patience and guidance from Roy, my confidence and skills as a  driver improved tenfold. I passed first time and would highly recommend MSM Driving!

Clare, Marlow

I absolutely loved learning how to drive, and having Roy as an instructor was brilliant. He always organised lessons to suit my busy timetable, and focused on the parts of driving I found more difficult. Without fail, he was always prompt, professional and incredibly friendly, and thanks to him I passed my driving test first time, and he taught me how to drive carefully and properly, but also confidently. Thank you ever so much Roy, you were great!

Lucy, High Wycombe

I had a pleasure to be trained by Jane and Roy both. And what a quality training that was! Accompanied by human warmth, friendliness and genuine care for their student’s success. I found MSM driving school by accident browsing the net when I almost despaired to find a good driving instructor after disappointing experience with 3 AA driving instructors who may have been good drivers themselves but were hopeless teachers. Learning to drive has been a long journey for me (almost 2 years) but at least the second half of it I made in an excellent company of high professionals and lovely people as Jane and Roy are. I can’t help thinking that if I’ve found them at the beginning of my learning to drive, I would've probably completed my course earlier... Yet I am still lucky to have eventually found them and experienced the wealth and wisdom of their training and support. So if you are looking for a quality driving instructing with “human face” look no further. MSM Driving is what you need!

Iveta, Henley-on-Thames

I passed first time with Roy! He was an excellent instructor, very patient and calm with me which made learning to drive a lot less stressful. I would highly recommend him. A very genuine and friendly man. Thanks again, Roy!

Faith, High Wycombe

Finding a driving instructor was a daunting experience having had an awful experience with my first driving instructor. I came across Roy from the internet and booked a few lessons to get a different aspect of teaching and am glad that I was able to pick an excellent driving instructor.After having a lesson with Roy my passion for driving returned and throughout his lessons I could feel that my confidence in driving increased. Roy was able to teach me whilst allowing me the independence to try things for myself. Roy was extremely faultless with regards to my tuition and I would recommend him to anyone. I felt extreme confidence in him as a driving instructor.. Thank you Roy, and I hope that anyone reading this will choose wisely and choose Roy as their driving instructor. If I had done so first time I would have been driving a long time ago!

Charlotte, Marlow Bottom

Roy is a caring and patient instructor. I was a nervous driver to begin with but with Roy's calm, positive attitude he helped me relax and enjoy driving. I managed to pass first time all thanks to Roy! I always looked forward to my lessons and I cannot recommend Roy enough.
Megan, Bolter End 

After being let down and treated very badly by my previous instructor and having very little confidence and motivation to drive, I then approached MSM driving school. I found Roy very helpful and willing to help me after explaining my situation. I have always been a nervous driver but with time and patience Roy helped me develop the confidence that I greatly needed. His way of teaching doesn't only get you through the practical test but he makes sure you are ready for when you are on the roads on your own. I would highly recommend Roy to anyone, if anyone was ever in the same situation as me, there are other instructors out there with the patience and time that is needed for many drivers and Roy is definitely one!

Verity, High Wycombe

I have always wanted to drive and always had that motivation, however when it came to finding an instructor and actually getting out on the road I was nervous. Having Roy as my instructor minimised my nerves and removed my fears because he was so patient and calm even when I made stupid, silly mistakes! My confidence grew and thanks to Roy's way of teaching I passed my test first time! I would highly recommend Roy to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Becky, Marlow Bottom

Roy is an amazing instructor and I am happy to recommend him to everyone I know! He is very friendly and put me at ease straight away, I always looked forward to my lessons and was sad to say goodbye after I passed at the first attempt! I would definitely continue to be taught by Roy for motorway lessons or Pass Plus. I cannot thank Roy enough for teaching me something I will use for the rest of my life and I am very grateful. 

Emma, Lane End

I was originally learning with a school and didn't find that I was learning anything. When a friend recommended Roy I decided to switch over and give it a go & i'm so glad I did! So easy to get along with and have a chat to which definitely makes you a lot more comfortable when you are learning! He knows perfectly how to tell you when you are doing things wrong & however bad a lesson I had, the next lesson was a new start with no hard feelings. The car is so lovely to drive also - doesn't feel like much of a struggle when you are going up all the steep hills in H. Wycombe! Although I am so happy I passed (first time), I will miss driving with Roy!, Once again, Thank you so much! 

Chelsea, Medmenham

Roy was highly recommended to me from pupils who had passed with him in the past and I couldn't have wished for a better instructor! Roy's fantastic experience and encouragement really boosted my confidence and managed to get me my driving licence first time round! I looked forward to every lesson with Roy, and he always made it enjoyable! Thanks to Roy I know that I will be a confident and safe driver and would recommend him to anybody. Thanks again Roy

Amy, Stokenchurch

Roy is the best instructor ever!! I contacted him after being recommended by a neighbour, in the hope that he could get me pass my test by the time I started Uni and he kept his word! I was very nervous to start off with but Roy was extremely reassuring and encouraging and I became more and more confident on the roads and really enjoyed my driving lessons. After a while they didn't even feel like lessons, more like enjoyable drives. I would happily recommend him to anyone at any level of confidence, being a very nervous beginner myself to pass at my first attempt! Thanks again Roy, am so grateful you taught me so well and I really enjoyed my time with you.

Pippa, Medmenham

When I first started to drive I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after a lesson or two Roy taught me to relax and start enjoying myself while learning at the same time. I passed second time but that was only because I panicked at the last second during parallel parking! I would recommend Roy to anybody as not only is he extremely friendly, he’s also an amazingly good teacher and I count myself lucky that I came to him, as recommended, to be my instructor.

Lauren, Stokenchurch

Having met Roy on the YDE course at Wycombe High School in April 2013, I was immediately comfortable with his style of guidance, sense of humour and instruction.  Upon turning 17 in March I have had 22 driving sessions with Roy and credit to his patience and mentoring expertise I passed first time in September.  Thank you so much Roy, as without your assistance I would still have an “L” plate on the car.  I would strongly recommend Roy without any hesitation.

Stephanie, Maidenhead.

I first met Roy on a YDE Course at Wycombe High last Easter.  Four weeks later I started lessons with him and he subsequently took me out in my own car.  Six months later I passed.  Roy is a super-relaxed and caring instructor and is a good judge of his pupils' abilities and weaknesses.  I am looking forward to the motorway lesson soon and a Pass Plus course.  I would recommend Roy without hesitation.

Beth, Marlow Bottom

Roy is a great instructor and very friendly. He got my older brother and sister through their tests at the first attempt and he has been very accommodating, letting me learn in our car, after just a couple of lessons, as that is the vehicle I would be taking the test in and be driving around in after. He teaches much like the test is done, gives very helpful tips on each manoeuvre and seems to know the test routes you could go on very well, so that the things you learn are all relevant and extremely helpful. I’m very pleased with his teaching and managed to pass second time – failing first time to a silly slip involving the direction indicator. Many thanks Roy for being a great teacher and passing on a life skill.

Rory, Marlow

Roy was my instructor at the YDE course at Wycombe High School.  On the course Roy impressed me with his calm, patient and professional approach so I was keen for him to become my instructor.
I had a total of 22 hours driving with Roy and he always made me feel comfortable and re-assured me when I was in a sticky situation.  “Thank you Roy”, without  you I would still have an “L” plate on my car and your experience and guidance helped me pass first time.   I have recommend MSM to all of my friends. Once again many thanks for everything!

Stephanie, Maidenhead

I always presumed that I would use Roy as my driving instructor because many of my friends had also used him - all passing first time except one who passed second time. I was one of the many who passed on their first attempt. I was very excited to start driving, thinking that it wouldn't be too hard, (however it was a lot harder than it appears) but Roy soon got me settled into driving at the right pace for me. He would push me when he knew I could do it, even when I thought I couldn't, but yet to my surprise Roy was right! As it got close to my test, I lost a lot of confidence in myself and after hearing stories about how harsh tests could be, but Roy continued to have faith and push me, knowing that I would pass. If he hadn't have pushed me to take the test when he knew I could, I'd still be having lessons now even though I wouldn't be needing them. I am also looking forward to completing my pass plus with Roy, knowing that I am in safe hands and that he will boost my confidence and skills even more. I would highly recommend Roy to anyone! Thanks Roy!

Katrina, Marlow

Finding a good instructor is one of the hardest challenges. I would highly recommend Roy to anyone, as he has truely made this whole experience enjoyable and worth while. Just want to say a massive thank you to Roy because i could not have done it without him. As well as his amazing driving experience it was easy to have a laugh and just enjoy driving in general. Roy is always supportive and positive when teaching. Thank you for everything. It has been an amazing experience.

Luke, Bourne End

Driving for the first time can be frightening, but Roy's firm instruction and calm explanations always made me feel calm from beginning to end. I soon found out how important this was by my fathers indecision when in his car would always leave me nervous. Roy however never showed this indecision and always guided me through anything I was unsure about. I would recommend Roy to anyone because rather than teaching you the bare minimum to pass a test, he will always make sure your driving is up to his experienced and safe standards so that you will be safe on the roads by yourself after your test, and for the rest of your life, especially the first two years of driving when you are most vunerable. I'd trust Roy with Roy with any of my friends lessons and i'm certain my parents do too. Thank you for everything Roy!

Millie, Marlow Bottom

My lessons were always enjoyable and very helpful. I struggled quite a lot with roundabouts in the beginning and Roy was always patient with me when things didn't always go to plan. Although nervous, I felt very prepared for my driving test as I had been briefed on as much as possible prior to me taking my test and I passed first time. Hours were also very flexible meaning that I was able to fit lessons around my very busy week schedule. I would highly recommend and am soon going to be having some lessons on the motorway with MSM. Many thanks!

Catherine, Marlow Bottom

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Roy (MSM) and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He always kept calm even when I made a mistake which helped me keep calm too. I felt really prepared for my test, and passed first time. Thanks for being a great instructor Roy!

Katie, Marlow

Learning to drive with Roy is an enjoyable journey from start to finish and having lessons with him was something i looked forward to each week. I was recommended to Roy in the first place by a numerous amount of people due to his excellence in his profession. His experience within the driving instruction industry is priceless and shone through to me during our lessons. Going into my test, for the first time, knowing that i had been taught by Roy gave me a great deal of confidence in itself and i believe was the main reason i was able to pass first time. Overall, the best thing about learning with Roy is that he doesn’t just teach you how to pass a test..He teaches you how to drive. That to me proves how he does his job because he enjoys it and loves to see people achieve. I cannot thank Roy enough for all his hard work. LEGEND!!

Mark, Bourne End

Learning to drive, as with anything new, isn't an easy task. Having an excellent driving instructor really helps and Roy is definitely that. Thanks to him, I passed my driving test first time! He is very calm and his feedback after lessons is always excellent. He is great at helping you to focus on your weaknesses to improve your driving and is an overall really nice guy! Thanks for everything Roy! Couldn't have done it without you!

Stefan, Loudwater





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