MSM Driving

The Theory Test

You must take both parts of your provisional licence with you to the Test Centre

You must have your Theory Pass Certificate before you can apply for your Practical test.

The Theory Test is computer based and is in two parts. Both parts must be passed at the same test session. It will last just under an hour.

Part 1 consists of 50 questions with multiple choice answers. The questions are answered by touching the appropriate answer(s) on the computer screen. The questions are devised to test your knowledge of the "rules of the road" and best driving practice. You must get at least 43 questions right to pass.

Part 2 is the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). Using the same computer you will be shown 14 video clips that have been filmed from the viewpoint of the driver of a moving car. You are required to spot 15 "developing hazards". As soon as you spot the hazard you click the mouse button. The earlier you click the mouse button the more points you score ranging from 5 down to zero per hazard. You must score at least 44 to pass. If you click the mouse button repeatedly, you will get a zero mark.

You will be given your result a few minutes after you have completed the Theory Test and if you have passed you will be given your certificate.

If you need help with your Theory Test preparation, we have various CDs and question papers to hand.

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